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Clear, But Cool For Meteor Shower Tonight

The Quadrantids are one of the best annual meteor showers; and, they peak this weekend! While it’s active from December 28 until January 12, the brightest fireballs can be seen January 3rd and 4th. Although the official peak was before dawn on the 4th, you may still catch some.

This meteor shower is known for its fireballs: larger explosions of light that exist longer than a normal meteor streak. During the peak, around 80 meteors per hour can be seen, but typically it is much lower than that.

The best time to view it is overnight and during predawn hours. Lie on your back, with your feet facing northeast, for the best possibility to see them.


If you do plan to see a glimpse of the meteor shower, the conditions are great. Clear skies allow for no cloud obstruction. And, a waxing gibbous moon (half of a moon) means that there won’t be a lot of light pollution from the bright moon.

However, it will be COLD!

Northwest Arkansas drops into the low 30s overnight.

The River Valley will be just as chilly.

Bundle up!