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Stuart Pearce recalls brilliant Brian Clough story involving a Nottingham Forest fan throwing a DART at Pat

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Brian Clough was truly one of a kind.

There has never been a name since that is so synonymous with football in England.

Unsurprisingly there have been some brilliant stories told about the former Nottingham Forest boss – ‘the greatest manager England never had’ – over the years.

Legendary manager Brian Clough was never one to mince his words

And former Forest skipper Stuart Pearce recalled another of those famous tales on talkSPORT on Saturday – the day Clough would have turned 85 had he not tragically passed away, aged only 69, in 2004.

It was the late 1980s and Forest were entertaining Arsenal in a league clash at the City Ground.

Jennings turned around to collect the ball at the back of the Trent End before being hit by a DART thrown by a Forest fan.

The dart ended up becoming lodged in Jennings’ arm, who played on unaided, but that wasn’t the most incredible thing that came from the whole episode – with Pearce detailing the best bits below.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Psycho said: “I bumped into Pat Jennings last year and we started talking and he said to me, ‘you worked for Brian Clough didn’t you?’

“And I said, ‘Yeah, I did for eight years’.

“He went on to say, ‘It must have been interesting?’, and I laughed and agreed with him.

6. Pat Jennings made 1src88 appearances between 1963 and 1986

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Arsenal legend Pat Jennings had a dart thrown at him by a Nottingham Forest fan

“He then said he’d tell me a fantastic story about Cloughy.

“He was playing away at the City Ground [for Arsenal] at the back end of the 80s. The ball went behind the goal and he went to get it, and someone threw a dart from the Trent End that stuck right his arm, halfway up.

“He pulled the dart out and put it in the back of the goal and didn’t make any great deal of it.

“At half-time he went and said to Don Howe, ‘someone threw this at me’, and then went and put some antiseptic on it and cleared it up.

“After the game Howe went into see Cloughy and said, ‘your supporters are absolute animals! Look at what they’ve done to my goalkeeper’.

Stuart Pearce shares brilliant Brian Clough story from his Nottingham Forest days

“They thought that was the end of it but then a letter arrived.

“Pat went into his pocket and pulled the letter out when I was talking to him and told me to have a read of it.

“It read along the lines of: ‘Dear Pat, I have absolutely no sympathy. Every time you come to the City Ground you stop everything that comes in your direction. It’s of no surprise to me that you stopped the dart on this occasion, Lots of love. Brian’.

“I was absolutely laughing my head off.

“I thought that’s typical Cloughy, and also typical of a player of that era who got hit by a dart and just got on with the game.”

You wouldn’t see that in modern football, that’s for sure!

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