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New Jersey man, 25, waiting on experimental drug after positive coronavirus test was lost

EDISON, New Jersey — A family in New Jersey is hoping their son who is in a coma gets access to a potentially life-saving experimental drug after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Twenty-five-year-old Jack Allard is in critical condition and his family says the matter was worsened because the lab lost the test that showed he was positive.

“There’s no reason why NBA players with their sniffles are getting their results before my son who is on a ventilator,” Jack’s mother Genny Allard said.

The 25-year-old from Metuchen has been in intensive care on a ventilator for six days in a medically-induced coma.

“My son is healthy, no pre-existing conditions and he’s 25 and this virus is really dangerous. He’s very, very sick,” Genny Allard said.

For days, his family said Jack Allard suffered a fever after continuing to work in Manhattan.

“He shouldn’t have been in his office that week before he got sick,” Genny Allard said.

Jack was tested for coronavirus. But then his family said the test was somehow lost by the lab, which set everything back five days.

A person has to be tested and test positive to get special access to experimental drugs.

“Somehow, I don’t know what happened, the test was lost for days and days,” U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer said. “It’s obviously inexcusable.”

Gottheimer is fighting along with the family to get Jack on a drug normally used for HIV called Remdesivir.

“We’ve been working with the FDA and the drug company to get the drug to him, hopefully within the next number of hours,” Gottheimer said Tuesday.

I’ve been fighting alongside the Allard family to make sure patients who are suffering from the most extreme symptoms of #COVID19 — like 25-year-old Jack Allard — get access to the potentially life-saving experimental treatment they need.

Watch more from @ABC7NY here:

— Rep Josh Gottheimer (@RepJoshG) March 25, 2020

Jack’s mother said he never vaped or smoked.

“He took his health very seriously, I mean he’s an athlete,” Genny Allard said.

The family hopes Jack receives Remdesivir and it works – that the 25-year-old will be saved through a new use for this known drug.

“Pray for Jack Allard, please,” his mother said.

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