Intermittent fasting may cause muscle loss more than weight loss, study says

Intermittent fasting might not be as healthy as some may have thought.A new study on the topic was published in JAMA Internal Medicine  – a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal overseen by the American Medical Association — and suggests that the time-restrictive diet isn’t necessarily the best strategy for losing weight.INTERMITTENT FASTING SHEDS MORE WEIGHT, BUT MEDITERRANEAN…

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Three scientists give their best advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19

Scientists flag airborne coronavirus spread Scientists flag airborne coronavirus spread 03:39 Over the past several months, there has been controversy over the way SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, travels from an infected person to others. While official guidance has often been unclear, some aerosol scientists and public health experts have maintained that the spread…

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