Astronomers Just Revealed One of The Most Extreme Planets Ever Discovered

Astronomers have taken detailed observations of an incredibly extreme exoplanet, detecting brutal surface temperatures in the region of 3,200 degrees Celsius (5,792 degrees Fahrenheit). Those temperatures – measured by the European Space Agency’s CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite (or CHEOPS) –  are enough to melt all rocks and metals, and even turn them into a gaseous form.While the exoplanet,…

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Elon Musk Has IPO Plans For Starlink, And Retail Investors Will Get ‘Top Priority’

Space Exploration Technologies Corp CEO Elon Musk revealed Monday that the company has plans to take its satellite broadband unit Starlink public, but not until the revenue growth is “smooth” and “predictable.” What Happened: Such an initial public offering would come “several years in the future” as the public market doesn’t “like erratic cash flow,” the billionaire…

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